Igor Tishin, ‘Velimir Khlebnikov’, 2013, Vitavie Gallery

Viktor Vladimirovich Khlebnikov was born in 1885 in Malye Derbety, Astrakhan Governorate, Russian Empire (in present-day Kalmykia). He was of Russian, Armenian and Zaporozhian Cossack descent.[2] He moved to Kazan, where he attended school. He then attended school in Saint Petersburg. He eventually quit school to become a full-time writer.[3]

Khlebnikov belonged to Hylaea, the most significant Russian Futurist group (along with Vladimir Mayakovsky, Aleksei Kruchenykh, David Burliuk and Benedikt Livshits), but had already written many significant poems before the Futurist movement in Russia had taken shape. Among his contemporaries, he was regarded as "a poet's poet" (Mayakovsky referred to him as a "poet for producers") and a maverick genius. Khlebnikov was involved in the publication of A Slap in the Face of Public Taste in 1912, which was a critical component of the Russian futurism poetry. (Wikipedia)

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Viktor Vladimirovich Khlebnikov, better known by the pen name Velimir Khlebnikov 9 November [O.S. 28 October] 1885 – 28 June 1922), was a Russian poet and playwright, a central part of the Russian Futurist movement, but his work and influence stretch far beyond it.(Wikipedia)

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