Ika Künzel, ‘Nº 27 "Lasso"’, 2015, Chamber
Ika Künzel, ‘Nº 27 "Lasso"’, 2015, Chamber

A series of converted readymade riding saddles, “Lasso” takes the form of domestic seating. Made from a retired piece of sporting equipment, the saddle takes on a new meaning—shifting the erratic movement of a rider on horseback into the mundane, monotonous back and forth of a simple rocking chair.

An apparent absence: no horse, no stable, no riding, “Lasso” lacks its original intended context, and when seen in a typical domestic space, its shape appears strange and atypical. Its most chair-like quality is its obvious reference to the classic Thonet bentwood chair design, found en masse alongside the sidewalk cafés of European capitals.

Image rights: Fran Parente

Berlin, Germany

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