Iké Udé, ‘Sartorial Anarchy #28’, 2013, Leila Heller Gallery

TURBAN: Sikh turban, India, 15th century (1400s to present) SHIRT: Contemporary/classic, 2013
ARMOR: Reproduction, single leather basic rounded Spaulder armor, 13th-15th century
SWEATER: 1940s Stadium Shaker Wool School Letterman Varsity sweater, 1940s
TIE: Madras plaid necktie, 1960s
KILT: Fustanella, Greece, 1868 to present/2013 (Worn by the Greek Palace Guard,Fustanella kilt is made from 30 meters/98 feet of white material, with 400 pleats, representing the 400 years of Turkish occupation)
BIRD/PERCH: Bird, Woodpecker; Bird Perch Gym Stand, 2013 DECANTER: Rockwell Silver Deposit Black Glass Decanter, Wood- land scene,
early 20th century/1900s, United States
MEDAL: Steam-punk military medal, date, unknown; United States
GARTERS: Sock garters, 1940s, Britain/United Kingdom SOCKS: 2012, United States
SHOES: 1960s, United States
CHARGER: Edo period, Japanese Imari Charger with Cranes, 1603-1868
CARPET: Antique Bidjar Kurdish-Persian carpet, date unknown

About Iké Udé

With his ongoing photographic self-portrait series “Sartorial Anarchy”, wherein he is dressed in varied costumes across geography and time, Nigerian-born Iké Udé explores a world of dualities: photographer/performance artist, artist/spectator, African/post-nationalist, mainstream/marginal, individual/everyman, and fashion/art. Conversant with the world of fashion and celebrity, Udé offers a new take on aspects of performance and representation, melding his own theatrical selves and multiple personas with his art. “By mixing varied costumes in concert with the now and then,” he has said, “we begin to realize how arbitrary, subjective, fleeting, even absurd—no less wonderful—our ‘real’ cultural construct is.” Udé plays with the ambiguities of the marketplace and art world, particularly in his notorious art, culture, and fashion magazine, aRUDE and style blog,theCHIC INDEX. His articles on fashion and art have been published in magazines and newspapers worldwide, and Vanity Fair included him on their International Best Dressed List in 2009 and in 2012.

Nigerian, b. 1964, Lagos, Nigeria, based in New York, New York