India Mahdavi, ‘Landscape Table #2’, Carwan Gallery

Landscapes project is an abstract color composition inspired by Iznik tiles, conceived of as a reinterpretation of the 16th century Ottoman tradition. The series’ aesthetic derived from a research into the Ottoman style of fabricating quartz tiles, as well as a new approach for the construction of monumental tables, therefore creating objects that surprise the senses with reflections and heady colors. The collaboration with the ateliers of the Iznik Foundation, based in Bursa-Turkey, famous for their creations for the most important mosques in the Middle East and Hermès stores, offered the perfect savoir-faire for this project. An exclusive range of custom-made colors has been developed to produce the unique reflective shine of the pro

About India Mahdavi

India Mahdavi finds inspiration in film, not surprising for a designer who cites James Bond as a hero; and like 007, the objects and spaces she designs are sexy, chic, and a little bit mod. Now based in Paris, her eclectic practice hints at her global roots. Mahdavi designs objects and interiors that are at once stylish and playful, with organic shapes and bright colors—like her signature Bishop stool, a ceramic interpretation of the chess piece, and her lacquered-wood Flower table. "I don't like flat pieces,” she has said. “My favorites are graphic, whimsical, and colorful." Her luxe style has won her the international jetset’s approval, as well as high-profile interior design commissions including London’s Bungalow 8, Mexico City’s Condesa DF hotel, shops for Givenchy worldwide, and the Paris apartment of fashion designer Alber Elbaz.

Iranian, based in Paris, France