Inga Meldere, ‘Pieta’, 2017, Temnikova & Kasela

This is an artwork from exhibition produced by Latvian Contemporary Art Center for the National Museum of Latvia in the summer 2017 - a duet of artists from different eras: Atis Ieviņš and Inga Meldere. In her new works created especially for the exhibition, Inga Meldere follows Ievins' reflection on the TV screen, its images and viewers from a contemporary perspective, taking into consideration today's characteristic overload of visual material. Meldere experiments first printimg the image on a fabric, painting it over, occasionally printing on it again or alterimg the sequence of actions, and, with the help of this complex technical process, creatimg light, transparent and subtle collages of images, she is interested in both personal and art-historical images. By highlighting several unnoticed details and using them in collages, the artist strives to show to herself and the viewers new possibilities for interpreting the past and the present.

About Inga Meldere