Inge King, ‘Flight’, ca. 1992, Charles Nodrum Gallery

Signature: Stamped 'IK' on base

Judith Trimble, Inge King: Sculptor, Craftman House, 1996, see p 161 for the larger version Orpheus
Note: ‘In 1992-93 the dance gave way to gymnastics with Orpheus (ill. 105) and then Handstand.... An effective comparison is offered between her bird forms of the fifties and Orpheus, 1993. Where the earlier bird forms were
streamlined, sleek and elegant, they lacked the powerful energy Orpheus embodies. Here is a new bird form worthy
of the name of the god whose music and singing charmed wild animals, stones, and even Hades, and whose
‘wings’ recall the shape of his instument, the lyre. Like an eagle alighting upon a tree, the long, sloping shapes and
edges remind us of the mythological figure’s descent to the underworld to retrieve Euridice. This may be a fanciful
interpretation as King often chooses titles for her sculptures after their completion, names usually suggesting
themselves as the work develops.’ Trimble op. cit.

Lauraine Diggins Fine Art; Private Collection, Perth

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