Inger Johanne Grytting, ‘M_6_2017’, 2017, SILAS VON MORISSE gallery

(Norwegian, b. 1949, in Lofoten, Norway, lives and works in New York City)

Inger Johanne Grytting’s abstract drawings and paintings are the portals or “gangways” to the core of her inner landscape where narrative elements are reduced to abstract signs. A technique involving repetitive parallel lines has consumed Grytting’s form of expression for more than a decade. The line, applied with a system of self-imposed limits, is central to her art. Lines represent traces and extensions of the artist and each drawing is the result of a meditative process. The artist refers to her own work as “recordings”: “My artworks are like diary entries of psychological states…. The process is a probing inwards, where emotions and insights are translated into graphic expressions”. (Ref. Curator Charis Gullickson in Grytting’s first monographic presentation “Extensions” that was published in conjunction with her exhibition at the Northern Norway Art Museum, 2015).

In April 2016, Inger Johanne Grytting work was featured in The Daily Norwegian newspaper “Dagens Næringsliv” with regards to the acquisition of six of her works by The National Gallery (part of The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design in Norway). Grytting’s preliminary exhibition schedule for fall of 2017 includes The Vigeland Museum in Oslo.


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