Ingo Gunther, ‘Shape of Science’, 2014, Galerie Brigitte Schenk

About Ingo Gunther

Merging art, journalism, and science, New York-based data artist Ingo Gunther is best known for his “World Processor” series. Since 1988, Gunther has been visualizing data on readymade globes, making numbers and statistics more digestible and more impactful. With information exploring topics like energy consumption, toxic imports and exports, nuclear explosions, ocean pollutants, and life expectancy, and engaging conceptual themes of distance and scale, Gunther has created over 1,000 individually coded globes. His Distribution of Wealth globe, for example, reveals that the personal incomes of the 120 million inhabitants of Japan are equal to that of the 3.2 billion inhabitants of the 62 poorest countries in the world. With a background in ethnography and cultural anthropology, Gunther’s ultimate goal is to disseminate information to the public and promote free media.

German, b. 1957