Ingrid Barndal, ‘Summer, Four Seasons, Necklace’, 2016, The Gallery at Reinstein|Ross
Ingrid Barndal, ‘Summer, Four Seasons, Necklace’, 2016, The Gallery at Reinstein|Ross

Each necklace can be converted into a smaller necklace with three different looks. Each section easily comes apart and held in place by small hooks.

A jeweler and industrial designer, Barndal work with unusual materials like porcelain and Polypropylene or polylactide (PLA) in combination with silver, gold, precious stones and pearls. Each plastic leaf is shaped individually in a rolling mill pressed against a real leaf or flower. Lifeless, inanimate materials are brought to life through traditional goldsmith techniques in combination with innovative methods and modern materials. This has lead me to new forms and expressions without totally duplicating nature, creating tangible pieces of jewelry that may give off a playful rustle when touched or entice you with their silhouette and subtle shades of color.
The theme of the "in my garden" series is part of an idea that I carry with me when I design jewelry. Every piece is created independently with their delicate forms inspired by natures seasonal vicissitudes. Floral forms such as petals and leafs and other organic shapes and textures like woody stems, branches, and roots of plants inspire me. I am equally inspired by new non-precious materials and fascinated by how when intertwined with precious materials they surpass their innate boundaries. This creates new possibilities and opportunities to transform my gardens more elusive and fragile forms into matter, and the effect is the creation of fine jewelry.

Inger Wastberg, Contemporary Swedish Art Jewelry (Stockholm: Arvinius + Orfeus, 2013): 70.

About Ingrid Barndal

b. 1964, Stockholm, Sweden, based in Stockholm, Sweden