Ion Popescu, ‘Little Echoes’, 2007, Iarca Gallery

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Popescu , Ion ( Cogealac,Dobrogea,Romania, 1947 ),Romanian sculptor settled to Sweden.
After he had graduated from the Polytechnic Institute (1965-1971) and the School of Arts in
Bucharest (1973-1975), he makes his debut in 1975 at a group exhibiton in Boucharest .
After his settlement to Sweden,in1988,he takes partin more group exhibitions : Härlöv 1998,
Lammhult 1999,Upp. Väsby2005,2006,Tranås 2005,and displays his works of art in solo
exhibitions :Alvesta 2003, Östersund 2005,Upp. Väsby 2006, Galleri Småland Alvesta 2007,2008,
Alvesta 2009,Torpsbruk 2010,Timisoara ,Romania 2011,Stockholm 2012,2015,London 2012,
Malmö2013,Monaco 2013,Paris 2013,Vienna 2013,Copenhagen 2014,Malmö 2014,Basel 2014
Paris 2015,Gällivare 2015,Stockholm 2015,2017


About Ion Popescu

Romanian, b. 1947, Romania, based in Stockholm County, Sweden