Ion Zupcu, ‘March 6, 2004’, 2004, ClampArt

Signature: Signed, dated, and numbered, verso

About Ion Zupcu

Saying, “I photograph objects to preserve my memories,” Ion Zupcu produces sensitive photographic still lifes, reflecting his exquisite command of light and shadow and his erudite knowledge of the history and materials of his medium. Inspired by Pictorialism and Modernist photography, Zupcu strips down objects to their essence, arranging, lighting, and framing them so that they appear as semi-abstract compositions of shapes, lines, and shades. He uses film and develops and tones his gelatin silver prints himself, enhancing the rich textures of his images. In 1999, Zupcu produced his first fully realized still life series, titled “Flowers”, of soft-focus images of flowers in vases. For his more recent “American Homes” series (2012), he photographed pared-down models of a range of dwellings, highlighting their architecture and reveling in the beauty of their forms, from the additive (McMansions) to the minimal (adobe huts).

Romanian, b. 1960, based in New York, NY, United States

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