Ione Thorkelsson, ‘Correction No.2: with trusses’, L.A. Pai Gallery

The piece ‘Correction No.2: with trusses’ consists of split halves of an oak stump and partial root bowl in cast glass, fused together with wood dowels. The crystalline nature of the massive glass sections are contradicted by the makeshift nature of the repair emphasized by the use of 1" dowels that have been painted with vernal green rubberized paint. The fissure opens up the interior of the solid mass without allowing a clear line of sight through the object, conveying at the same time imposing stability and fracture. This piece was first shown in Ottawa, 2010, as part of a collection of pieces entitled Corrections. The flawed, the misconceived, the mistakes that have yet to be made. In such a world the real always, by some sort of universal malicious error, falls short of (and defies) the ideal. Any possible utopia will be scruffy, with bare spots. It will be deracinated, ill-fitting and incomplete, graceless, off-kilter, bathetic."