Iran do Espírito Santo, ‘Compression/Clockwise’, 2017, Sean Kelly Gallery
Iran do Espírito Santo, ‘Compression/Clockwise’, 2017, Sean Kelly Gallery

Dimensions variable
The work is accompanied by a signed certificate of authenticity

About Iran do Espírito Santo

Iran do Espírito Santo is known for sculptures in which everyday objects such as dice, light bulbs, and tin cans are abstracted into simplified geometric forms. Sometimes incorporating playful shifts in scale, do Espírito Santo’s elegant objects subvert Minimalism’s doctrine of non-objectivity. Also known for site-specific projects that mimic architectural elements, in En Passant (2008) do Espírito Santo used fine gradations of gray paint to depict light falling across a long gallery wall—a comment on the relationship between natural and pictorial light.

Brazilian, b. 1963, Mococa, Brazil, based in Sao Paulo, Brazil