Irby Pace, ‘Red Pop’, 2012, Galleri Urbane

Series: Pop!

About Irby Pace

Texas-based photographer Irby Pace uses modern technology to break down traditional art forms and create new artistic and stylistic possibilities. His series “Unintended Consequences” features selfies taken from iPhones on display in Apple stores, and explores how people abandon discretion in images they expect to remain unshared. Pace is best known for the “Idle Voids: Pop!” series in which he photographs colored smoke bombs released in abandoned buildings and off-limits locations. By capturing these moments, Pace renders the intangible tangible and brings permanence to the ephemeral. “I alter the real physical space with real floating colorful clouds of smoke and allow nature to dictate the shape and duration,” he has said, alluding to the atmosphere-dependent, chance-based nature of his work.

American, b. 1982, Odessa, Texas, based in Dallas, Texas