Isabel Miramontes, ‘My Way’, 2016, Canfin Gallery


Signature: by the Artist

Born in Spain and influenced by the Celtic Origins of her village, the bronze works of Isabel Miramontes have both a primitive and essential quality to them. Her recognizable androgynous figures express a narrative of quiet certitude and the inevitable struggle of everyday man, his obstacles and triumphs. The figures bear the weight of humanity, astonishingly defying their bronze origins with a definite fluidity of movement and a spiritual density omnipresent in her work.
Highly schooled and celebrated artist, Isabel Miramontes resides in Belgium where she was raised and attended the Institute Sainte Marie and Saint Gilles. She is known for her bronze works, and does both commissionable monumental works, as well as small to midsize more accessible works as found on display at the Canfin Gallery. Her work is both in public and private collections.

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About Isabel Miramontes

Spanish, b. 1962, Spain, based in Belgium