Isabel Nolan, ‘Soft Stillness and the Night’, 2011, Galerie Huit

About Isabel Nolan

Isabel Nolan’s cerebral sculptures, wall hangings, paintings, and works on paper are intensive examinations of literary and historical texts, cosmological, botanical, and biological phenomena, or reworkings of historical works of art. In large-scale sculptures that resemble three-dimensional steel line drawings, such as Slow Dirty Solution (2013), Nolan expresses a mode of human inquiry into balance and order. One of her best known works is Festina Lente Rug (2012), 144 steel pipes of different lengths wrapped in various fabrics and arranged on the floor. The piece references the nocturnally fashioned “rugs” of Marie Lieb, a patient admitted to Heidelberg psychiatric hospital in 1984 with “mania”, who would strip pieces of fabric and lay them out in star, flower, and triangle patterns on the floor. Nolan also produces paintings and works on paper; her Something special in remembrance, 1881 (2009) is a version of Edgar Degas’s Little Dancer (1881) in watered-down pink, yellow, and blue paints that trickle down the canvas.

Irish, b. 1974, Dublin, Ireland, based in Dublin, Ireland