Isabelle Cornaro, ‘Mixed Feelings’, 2014, ICA London

About Isabelle Cornaro

Isabelle Cornaro employs painting, sculpture, installation, and film in her quest to challenge the way viewers perceive art objects. Her multimedia works orchestrate careful juxtapositions that pay tribute to and reinvent traditional modes of representation. For instance, her 2009 installation Landscape with Poussin and eyewitnesses consisted of pedestals, floral vases, and oriental carpets arranged in a loose interpretation of a landscape by Nicholas Poussin. Emphasizing depth of field, larger objects are placed in the foreground and smaller ones in the background, in accordance with the traditional rules of perspective, at which Poussin excelled. “All the objects relate to the representation of nature and the construction of an image,” Cornaro explains. Other likeminded installations have referenced Chinese porcelain and the ornamental pottery of Bernard Palissy.

French, b. 1974, Paris, France, based in Paris, France