Isabelle Grobler, ‘The Chairman’, 2012, Sulger-Buel Lovell

the chairman (2012)
Brass trumpet painted red, two orange buoys, two pairs of super large bare beige ladies stockings, forged metal, found office chair base, found wooden chair, found metal objects, black inner tubing, spotlight, cable ties, black electrical cord.
3.1 x 0.9 x 0.7m (H x L x W)
the chairman (patriarch)
The chairman consists of two large ‘testicles’ from which a long braced ‘neck’ extends to support a red ‘mouth’. As the tallest structure in the installation it forms a pair with another sculpture the hostess. The lower part of the sculpture consists of a cylinder mounted on an office-chair’s wheeled base. The cylinder is connected to a thick threaded rod terminating in a caster fork that holds an elongated and slightly curved ‘spine’. The ‘spine’
is braced with metal that is forged into the wooden ‘spine’. As it curves upwards it terminates in a ‘head’, which consists of a dining-chair backrest and a brass trumpet painted red. The trumpet has been inserted through the inner tubing upholstery of the backrest and represents the ‘voice’ of the chairman. In the ‘mouth’ of the trumpet is a spotlight covered by a muffler. The black electrical cord serving the spotlight runs through a small hole in the trumpet down the back of the ‘spine’ and forms ‘entrails’ on the ground leading to an electric socket. To balance the weight of the ‘head’ on top
of the ‘spine’ two large ‘testicles’ are suspended at the bottom end of the ‘spine’. These testicles’, two orange buoys, are suspended in flesh coloured stockings and dangle above the office chair-base.

Image rights: Sulger-Buel Lovell and the Artist

About Isabelle Grobler

South African, b. 1982, Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa, based in Cape Town, South Africa