Item Idem, ‘Untitled (The Princess Diaries)’, 2014, Johannes Vogt Gallery

About Item Idem

Item Idem, the pseudonym for Cyril Duval, cites a line from Jenny Holzer’s “Truism” series as his artistic credo: “Use what is dominant in a culture to change it quickly.” His diverse body of conceptual work fuses fine art, design, fashion, and popular culture to examine contemporary social codes and systems of valuation. Especially interested in physical and digital branding strategies, Item Idem subverts ubiquitous logos and traditional marketing structures in his irreverent sculptures and installations. For Big Beacon (2008), Item Idem fused a monumental Chanel logo with the scale and color scheme of a freestanding McDonald’s sign, in effect questioning mass consumerism and luxury consumption.

French, b. 1977, Paris, France, based in New York, New York