Ivan Lounguine, ‘Horizon 4’, 2011, Laboratoria Art & Science Space

Artist was looking for unfinished deserted buildings in Russian cities, villages, draws them from nature. But the unoccupied buildings, useless for society – «dead cells», begin to structure the landscape around them, they become the center from which everything around is calculated.

In these dusty and forgotten «monuments» there is held and accumulated what is so difficult to keep – silence, emptiness, loneliness. Through them the currents of nature pass, cosmic changes of day and night. Precisely in these spaces the deep breath can be opened, there you can obtain the absolute calmness.

The unfinished buildings of Lounguine are like deserted place, zone in «Stalker» by Tarkovsky: where the matter seems to be dead, destroyed, can be revealed the life of human spirit,
an inner transformation may take place.

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