Iviva Olenick, ‘He Stepped in a Pool of Red Paint’, 2014, Muriel Guépin Gallery

About Iviva Olenick

Combining embroidery, watercolor, and antique textiles, Iviva Olenick makes crafty, nostalgic, and witty works on fabric. Olenick began embroidering in 2002 after seeing a quilt exhibit at the Whitney Museum and, inspired by memories of sewing in childhood, she updates the medium by stitching lovelorn quotes and silhouettes of couples struggling with modern dating into her pieces. Text such as “Still looking for someone who will see in me all the things there are to love. Someone other than my mom, that is” gives the work a whimsical, relatable quality. Charming yet caustic, Olenick’s needlework explores themes of womanhood, sexuality, and loneliness.

American , b. 1975