Ivo Pannaggi, ‘The Berlin stock market’, 1929, PRISKA PASQUER

Ivo Pannaggi (1901–1981)
Futurist artist

Ivo Pannaggi was an Italian painter, designer, and architect. The artist's oeuvre spanned across a wide range of media including painting, collage, graphic design, interior design, architecture, set design, costume design and industrial design. Although primarily associated with the Italian Futurist movement, Pannaggi was also heavily influenced by International Constructivism and Neoplasticism.

I futuristi e la fotografia. Creazione fotografica e immagnie quotidiana. Giovanni Lista (ed.), Galleria Civica, Modena, 1986, fig. 212

About Ivo Pannaggi

While primarily associated with the Futurist movement in Italy, Ivo Pannaggi’s practice was far too diverse to be attributed to a single movement. At once a painter, sculptor, and architect, as well as graphic, industrial, furniture, costume, and set designer, he was a part of the early Modernist movement that fiercely resisted specialization. Motivated by a combination of Marxism and the machine aesthetic, Pannaggi believed that art not only was capable of capturing the new and revolutionary relationship between man and machine, but also could lead to a reconciliation between the classes, by overcoming the remoteness of art history and scholarship from the life of the everyday person. His work emphasized movement, dynamism, utopic visions of bionic man, and subtle political messages.

Italian, 1901-1981