İz Öztat, ‘In the rivers north of the future 9’, 2015, The Moving Museum
İz Öztat, ‘In the rivers north of the future 9’, 2015, The Moving Museum

With Sculpture for Rainwater Harvest, İz Öztat appropriated 0.80 m2 of surface from Şişhane Park’s rainwater harvesting area during The Moving Museum exhibition. In the course of these 47 days, the sculpture accumulated 82 liters of rainwater. After the exhibition, the harvested water is used as raw material that makes the production of new works possible.
Öztat utilized some of the harvested water to make a series of watercolors in relation to the nightmares she encountered during her ongoing research on the commercialization of water. During her talk in the context of The Moving Museum Public Program, Öztat discussed her research, using the sculpture as a speculative tool to reflect upon the context in which the nightmares occur. Departing from the folk belief that nightmares flow away as they are recounted to running water, she imparted her nightmares to the audience by giving away the watercolors. The video, Recounting nightmares to running water, emerged from this process.

In the rivers north of the future; red springs out of the blue, wells hide the springs of the future from plunder, red birds revolt with sticks in their hands, emergent life-forms invent themselves, red and blue align to resist black, streams of consciousness are scribbled collectively, a red spring bursts out with laughter…

To make In the rivers north of the future, Öztat used approximately half a liter of the water she harvested. During The Armory Show 2015, the water used for each of the 25 watercolors is on sale. The purchaser of each bottle gets to take away the matching watercolor.

The title of the work is taken from Paul Celan’s poem titled Breathturn.

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