Izima Kaoru, ‘Kuroki Meisa wears Gucci (461)’, 2006, Von Lintel Gallery

About Izima Kaoru

Izima Kaoru began his career in fashion photography, and his most famous and lengthiest series, “Landscape with a Corpse” (1995-2010), imitates the style of high-gloss fashion photography shoots. In the series, Kaoru asked fashion models to imagine their own deaths, and then photographed them as the unfortunate, couture-clad protagonists in vibrantly dramatized scenarios. Since 2007, Kaoru has been working on a new series titled “One Sun,” in which he ventures to different parts of the world and tracks the path of the sun from dawn to dusk in a single exposure. These are presented in circular formats, which he achieves by using a fisheye lens capable of capturing a 360-degree view.

Japanese, b. 1954, Kyoto, Japan, based in Tokyo, Japan