Izima Kaoru, ‘Sentosa, Singapore (One Sun)’, 2006, Von Lintel Gallery

Price includes framing.

Image rights: Image courtesy of the artist and Von Lintel Gallery.

About Izima Kaoru

Izima Kaoru began his career in fashion photography, and his most famous and lengthiest series, “Landscape with a Corpse” (1995-2010), imitates the style of high-gloss fashion photography shoots. In the series, Kaoru asked fashion models to imagine their own deaths, and then photographed them as the unfortunate, couture-clad protagonists in vibrantly dramatized scenarios. Since 2007, Kaoru has been working on a new series titled “One Sun,” in which he ventures to different parts of the world and tracks the path of the sun from dawn to dusk in a single exposure. These are presented in circular formats, which he achieves by using a fisheye lens capable of capturing a 360-degree view.

Japanese, b. 1954, Kyoto, Japan, based in Tokyo, Japan