Izvor Pende, ‘Danče (Frau in Rückenansicht am Meer)’, 2007, Galerie Koch

Signature: verso signed and dated

Izvor Pende, Ausstellungskatalog Galerie Koch, Hannover 2007, Kat.-Nr. 8.

About Izvor Pende

Izvor Pende’s contemplative oil paintings capture enigmatic moments that resemble the visual sensation of a fleeting memory. Contrasting expressive and broad brushstrokes with smooth fields of color, Pende’s paintings fluctuate between specificity and an overall dreamlike atmosphere. In addition to ethereal sea and cloudscapes, Pende’s subject matter often features women in intimate solitude. The women are alone but not lonely, each one existing in her own world. The women’s identities are often obscured—their hair covers their faces or their figures seem to fade into the background. Viewers become voyeurs to these scenes, which the artist renders in saturated hazes of aquamarine, sapphire, and slate.

Croatian, b. 1976, Zagreb, Croatia, based in Dusseldorf, Germany and Dubrovnik, Croatia