Jack Goldstein, ‘The Quivering Earth’, 1977, CalArts Benefit

In the late 1970s, conceptual and performance artist Jack Goldstein created a series of vinyl records with titles like “The Weep”, “The Unknown Dimension”, and “The Quivering Earth”. Composed of musical and audio fragments from a sound effects library, the records were originally presented as art objects on gallery walls—nostalgic remnants of a newly obsolete technology.

33 1/3 rpm

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About Jack Goldstein

Jack Goldstein was a multimedia artist best known for his involvement with the Pictures Generation, and is considered a pioneer of sound art. One of his central interests was the notion of individualism in a media-saturated society. Over the course of his career, Goldstein worked with sculpture, performance, painting, and written text, but his most famous works were films. He worked with appropriated footage, which he would manipulate to highlight certain rhythms or details. Perhaps his most iconic work was Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (1975), which featured MGM’s mascot roaring on loop. Over time, Goldstein’s techniques increasingly eradicated evidence of the artist’s own hand in the spirit of mass production. He began hiring people to paint his paintings, and others to produce his films and sound.

Canadian, 1945-2003, Montreal, Canada