Jack Pierson, ‘Movie Star’, 2011, Joanna Bryant & Julian Page
Jack Pierson, ‘Movie Star’, 2011, Joanna Bryant & Julian Page

Ever since the early days of his career Jack Pierson has been attracted to images of Hollywood and fame, particularly that darkly glamorous period known as the end of the “golden era” of the studio system. Twilight, a portfolio of screenprints, combines two well-known aspects of Pierson’s practice: collaged imagery of Hollywood stars, such as Marilyn Monroe and Rock Hudson, and assemblages of letters that appear to be salvaged from marquees and billboards. In this case, the phrases composed by these monumental found letters act as unspecific captions to the collages, sparking the imagination to conjure up entire narratives based upon the briefest of suggestions. These images comment on the tendency of our society to continually ascribe our own narratives to the celebrities in our lives, in an attempt to identify with these - actually mostly unknown - figures. Pierson has exhibited internationally since the early 1990s and is represented by Cheim & Read in New York.

Publisher: Sabine Knust

About Jack Pierson

Jack Pierson works in photography, sculpture, installation, painting, bookmaking and drawing, but is best known for the re-appropriation of commercial signage and large-scale vintage lettering, which he uses to create evocative word-sculptures and installations. Calligraphic, brightly colored, with references to both Minimalism and Pop, Pierson’s signage fragments reference the distinctly American road-side decay of old highways like Route 66. Despite his sly sense of irony and humor, Pierson’s work has always been imbued with a sense of longing, loss, melancholy, and disillusionment.

American, b. 1960, Plymouth, Massachusetts, based in New York, NY; Southern California

Exhibition Highlights

New York,
Shrines to Speed Art And The Automobile: From The Minimal To The Postmodern
Acme Fine Art,