Jaco Roux, ‘Satara 3’, 2015, Christopher Moller Gallery

Jaco Roux:

Jaco Roux paints from the heart. Guided by his intuition and strong feelings for the bushveld landscape where he grew up. He is at one with the landscape and spends his spare time exploring the rural areas of Venda, between Soutpansberg mountains and Limpopo River. Jaco is fascinated with the strong, domineering presence of the Baobab trees. He finds enormous contrasts in the light and darkness, colour and starkness, harshness and texture. In his work he captures the sunlight scorching down onto the earth and depicts it with splashes of intense colour and sharp contrasts. Colour is very important in his works, and he is aware of the affect it has on one’s mood. All Jaco’s works are landscapes he has visited and loved. His work is real, intense, and evocative.

About Jaco Roux