Jacob Aue Sobol, ‘Untitled’, 2005, 6×7 Gallery Warsaw

A special series of Jacob Aue Sobol' works from the exhibition "With or Without You". Framed in white, wooden frame, behind anti-reflex glass. Frame: 30x30cm, image: 15x21cm.

Series: The Gomez Brito Family

Signature: Signed in ink on the verso

Image rights: Jacob Aue Sobol

6x7 Gallery Warsaw

Directly from the Artist

About Jacob Aue Sobol

Danish photographer Jacob Aue Sobol is known for his expressive style of black-and-white photography. “When I photograph, I try to use my instincts as much as possible,” he says. “It is when pictures are unconsidered and irrational that they come to life; that they evolve from showing to being.” Sobol’s photographs of Greenland, Guatemala, and Tokyo have won him numerous awards—from World Press Photo, Leica European Publishers Award 2008, and others. In 2008, he started working in Bangkok and Copenhagen.

Danish, b. 1976