Jacobo Borges, ‘Serie PH.G.32’, 2017, Galeria Freites

About Jacobo Borges

Jacobo Borges is an artist of many mediums, including painting, drawing, film, theater and literature. Early in his career, Borges dedicated his art to political and social activism, and forged bonds with a vanguard group in Venezuela called Techo de la Ballena (Roof of the Whale). Borges once said, “I conceive of my painting as an epic, and thus a possibility of social expression. I intend to represent identifiable persons, people that can be pointed at with the finger.” Borges gained popularity for his expressionistic figurative style with exaggerated and distorted forms, but later moved towards geometric abstraction. His interest in his late career shifted away from politics, and more recent subjects have included landscapes and memories. In the 1970s, Borges made a series of paintings inspired by collected old photographs.

Venezuelan, b. 1931

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