Fireplace with caryatides by Hubert Yencesse
Fireplace with caryatides by Hubert Yencesse
Fireplace with caryatides by Hubert Yencesse

Illustrated in Gilbert Poillerat, Maître Ferronnier by François Baudot, Editions Charles Moreau p 177.

This fireplace was commissioned for a mansion in Chantilly belonging to the Besson family, known in Paris for their furniture and textiles store. The Besson residence was furnished with creations by Jacques Adnet, Gilbert Poillerat and Jean-Charles Moreux, among others.

The period photograph shown in François Baudot’s book is from the Chantilly residence, which was demolished several decades ago, but the fireplace and other significant pieces were saved. The fireplace was then installed in an estate in central France, from which it was purchased.

About Jacques Adnet

Jacques Adnet was a towering figure in 20th-century avant-garde French design, known for his luxurious Art Deco furniture and interiors. Educated in architecture at the École des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, Adnet began his career working with his twin brother Jean, and would soon forge relationships with a team of collaborators that included Charlotte Perriand, Georges Jouve, Alexandre Noll, and Serge Mouille. Drawing on classical and traditional precedents, Adnet believed in function above all else, and his streamlined, modernist designs emphasized material—like leather, brushed metals, and precious woods. One of his most iconic designs is the Adnet Mirror, a single circular pane hung from a leather strap. “What a lot of work to achieve simplicity,” he once said.

French, 1901-1984, Châtillon-Coligny, France

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