Jacques Henri Lartigue, ‘Marie Lancret a well-known demi-mondaine who I found particularly seductive’, ca. 1906, Phillips

An Influential Vision: The Collection of Ruth Ansel

“Two photographs done by the same man a half century apart are as rare as the charm of both.” So opens the text for a spread within a 1962 Harper’s Bazaar featuring two works, one old and one new, from Jacques Henri Lartigue. In a description of Maria Lancret (the present lot) the article continued, “As a woman of fashion she embodied the elegance of her era, the little dog as indispensable to her worldliness as the grand chapeau. Lartigue’s youth coincided with the stunningly rapid development of the camera, the automobile, the airplane; for half a century he has chronicled, prolifically, all the wonder of twentieth-century life.”
Courtesy of Phillips

Signature: Credit, reproduction limitation stamp, 'Harper's Bazaar' stamps, partially titled and dated in an unidentified hand on the verso.

Harper’s Bazaar, ‘His Camera Spans a Century’, 1962
Moore, Jacques Henri Lartigue: The Invention of an Artist, pl. 89

Directly from the artist

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