Jacques Linard, ‘Still Life with the Four Elements ’, ca. 1640, Indianapolis Museum of Art at Newfields

Indianapolis Museum of Art Accession Number: 55.8, Indianapolis Museum of Art Object Type: Visual Works: Paintings

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James E. Roberts Fund and Gift of Dr. and Mrs. G. H. A. Clowes

About Jacques Linard

Jacques Linard was a leading painter of still lifes in France during the 17th century Baroque period. Though little information is known of his early years, Linard is believed to have lived within an international community of artists in Paris, where he was exposed to Flemish artists, particularly Ambrosius Bosschaert and Velvet Brueghel, who became major influences in Linard’s work. The artist is known for compositions of fruits and flowers against dark backgrounds; some works feature recurring arrangements and objects, notably Chinese porcelain. As Linard’s career progressed, his paintings took on increasingly allegorical and moralizing messages such that he became associated with Vanitas painting.

French, 1597-1645, based in Paris, France