Jacques Moiroud, ‘Hiromi’, RJD Gallery

About Jacques Moiroud

The subjects of Jacques Moiroud's detailed black-and-white prints are taken from the artist's life—each portrait is the result of a meaningful encounter. As a result, the people he depicts at the center of his compositions emerge as unique characters. Their visual quirks draw the viewer closer: one leans in to discern the graphic on a woman's T-shirt or the sneer of a woman's lips. Moiroud often minimizes his backgrounds, reducing them to a white field, a technique that further foregrounds the details of his human subjects. Unpredictable and striking, they possess a complexity that makes the artist's prints particularly realistic. In A Girl and a Bird, a teenager wears the shabby layers of a street person, though her stare is dignified and knowing, wise beyond her years.

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