Jacques Perconte, ‘Conches à la Garrenne (Mille lumières), November the 23rd 2013, 01h04min14s’, 2013, Galerie Charlot

A Sunday ride on the channels of the Poitevin marsh.
The cold humidity of autumn disappears rather quickly in the heat of the colors that vibrate in the heart of the marshes. From Canal, in a ditch, in a conch, the boat takes us through this magical vegetation that the man would like to see remain in his place. But who comes back from time to time invade the whole image?

Series: 5 copies

Signature: Draw on aluminum / Digital print

Image rights: Jacques Perconte

From "Mille lumières", 38 min, 2014, sound piece by Julie Rousse

About Jacques Perconte

French, b. 1974, Grenoble, France, based in Paris, France