Jacques Perconte, ‘Nuages / Ardèche, capture n°021 du 2 juillet 2014 à 8h33min et 40s’, 2014, Galerie Charlot

This force which animates the clouds of Saint-Martin d'Ardèche is that of the movements inflicted on my boat by the river. The mistral goes up the current through the gorges. The wind pushes the water which forms waves faster and faster. The camera attached to the body of the boat quickly sweeps the cliffs, the hilltop village and the sky, and the sun hits the target. The images that make up this series were captured there when they presented themselves, as one urgently grasps the passage of a rare bird in the sky before us.
The video file recorded on the water has been compressed and broken in order to free the technical infrastructure from the motion information. Then it was manipulated by a machine that sweeps and loops the images of the recording more or less randomly to restore it constantly in a new version.
The video then took care of all this magic and beauty in the flow of the river, that some images manage to emerge clusters of matter of what could be recorded.

Series: 3 copies

Signature: Digital printing on Fine Art Rag paper. Hanemühle glued on aluminum, framed wood

Image rights: Jacques Perconte

About Jacques Perconte

French, b. 1974, Grenoble, France, based in Paris, France