Jaime Gili, ‘a410 Guarimba rara’, 2017, (bis) oficina de proyectos

About Jaime Gili

In his paintings, prints, murals, and public art works, Jaime Gili celebrates the kineticism and optimism of mid-century Modernist art, architecture, and design, drawing from its iconic visual language and utopian visions for his own wide-ranging projects. His boldly executed abstract works are underpinned by his erudite knowledge of Venezuelan, English, and American modernist movements and practitioners. Gili’s compositions pulse with concentrated energy, reflecting the speed with which they are created. “In painting everything happens very quickly,” he says. “My canvases are composed of hundreds of rapidly executed small projects.” At once thoroughly contemporary and historically informed, his works are filled with brightly colored geometric shapes and forms that coalesce into interlocking, rhythmic patterns or explode across the picture plane in Op Art streaks and shards—bringing the modernist spirit of unbridled possibility into the 21st century.

Venezuelan, b. 1972, Caracas, Venezuela, based in London, United Kingdom