Jake & Dinos Chapman, ‘Like a dog returns to its vomit (No.32)’, 2005, Jake & Dinos Chapman

About Jake & Dinos Chapman

Young British Artists Jake and Dinos Chapman create iconoclastic sculptures, prints, and installations that examine contemporary politics, religion, and morality with searing wit. They first gained recognition with their first solo installation, We Are Artists (1992), in which they stenciled an anti-aesthetic manifesto onto a mud-splattered wall at the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) in London. From their etchings of Goya-esque piles of body parts to naked child mannequins whose facial features are replaced with genitalia, the Chapman brothers explore the poles of beauty and pain, humor and horror, the sublime and perverse, the diabolical and the infantile, in ways that shock and confront viewers with their own voyeurism.

British, 1966 and 1962, London, United Kingdom, based in Filkins, United Kingdom

Exhibition Highlights On Artsy

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Jake and Dinos Chapman: Come, Hell or High Water, David Risley Gallery, Copenhagen NW
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