Jake Berthot, ‘January White Group #1’, 1974, Anders Wahlstedt Fine Art

Signature: Signed in pencil, bottom middle

About Jake Berthot

Remaining outside of any particular art movement, Jake Berthot produces paintings and drawings that are personal meditations on the experience of seeing, thinking, and feeling. Although he is influenced by such artists as Mark Rothko, George Innes, and Albert Pinkham Ryder, Berthot is not concerned with heroism or universalism. Instead, he approaches art as a form of contemplation. Through abstract and figurative works he attempts to give form to intangible experiences. As he states: “I am not interested in the new but in trying to make paintings that refuse to grow old.”

American, 1939-2014, Niagara Falls, New York, based in Upstate New York