James Angus, ‘Cast Iron Inversion’, 2012, Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery

About James Angus

In his sculptures and public installations, James Angus celebrates the inherent elegance in the design, balance, and scale of living and manmade things. Approaching his work with a formalism grounded in his interest in architecture, he has recreated rock formations, animals, iconic buildings, and a Mack truck, playfully altering their proportions to highlight the beauty of their form. In Manta Ray (2002), he flattened and elongated the sea creature, emphasizing its natural aerodynamics. Referring to his series of I-beam sculptures, Angus stated: “I wanted to make a very material example of the confusion between what something is and how it appears; as people are compelled to spend more and more time inhabiting the Internet, the properties of matter seem to be slowly receding into the distance.”

Australian, b. 1970, based in New York and Sydney