James Hugonin, ‘Elliptical Variant V’, 2017, Ingleby Gallery

About James Hugonin

James Hugonin paints abstract, oil- and wax-on-wood compositions made of thousands of small, elliptical and oval marks of various colors and tones, rendered over underlying grids. Based in rural Northern England at the foot of the Cheviot Hills, Hugonin considers his experience of the landscape around him to be critical to his paintings, which typically pulsate rhythmically with light. “It is important for me to go out on the hills and just look at, and be absorbed by, real light and real things,” he says. Large-scale and meticulously detailed, each work can take him up to one year to complete. Hugonin aims to create work that is, as he describes, “something moving, and yet something totally still and poised; something where the whole painting is almost alive.”

British, b. 1950, Barnard Castle, United Kingdom, based in Northumberland, United Kingdom