James Jean, ‘The Horn’, 2012, Coleccion SOLO
James Jean, ‘The Horn’, 2012, Coleccion SOLO

About James Jean

James Jean fuses contemporary subjects with aesthetic techniques inspired by traditional Chinese scroll paintings, Japanese woodblock prints, and Renaissance portraiture. By experimenting with different styles and art-historical genres, Jean depicts detailed cosmological worlds that focus on both individual and universal experiences. His small-scale pieces feature single figures engaged in everyday tasks, and are focused on specific narratives and emotions. Jean’s large-scale works recall complex Hieronymus Bosch paintings and majestic Tang Dynasty landscapes. Layered with imagery drawn from both contemporary culture and age-old allegories, the artist imagines a collective realm of mythological proportions.

Taiwanese-American, b. 1979, Los Angeles, California

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New York,
James Jean: Parallel Lives

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