James Marshall, ‘Black 398’, Peters Projects

About James Marshall

In his glazed ceramic sculptures, James Marshall’s rigorous geometric shapes resemble biomorphic and mineral forms. “My exploration begins with geometric shapes,” he says. “As I draw those shapes, and play with them, and work with them, and invite them to transform, they shift into something almost recognizable, yet not quite…” Using careful draughtsmanship as his departure point, Marshall allows the element of chance to enter into his sculptural process. Unlike painted sculpture, the glazing process is fully integrated into the firing of the sculpture, in the indigenous tradition of the American southwest which Marshall calls his home. The use of clay, simultaneously ancient and modern, sets his work in dialogue both with Minimalist sculpture and a global ceramics tradition allowing Marshall to establish a relationship between each individual sculpture and a more universal experience.

American, b. 1949, Pittsburgh, PA, United States, based in Santa Fe, NM, United States