James O'Shea, ‘Backyard Pool’, 2017, Carrie Haddad Gallery
James O'Shea, ‘Backyard Pool’, 2017, Carrie Haddad Gallery
James O'Shea, ‘Backyard Pool’, 2017, Carrie Haddad Gallery

Encaustic on wood panel in thin light wood frame
12 x 12 x 1.5 inches

James O'Shea has been praised for years for his work as a colorist, producing layer upon layer of transparent color to create compositions that are architectural with organic gestural, strokes. This square work has a stunning palette in many shades of dark yellow and a range of forest, olive, and spring greens, with accents of sienna, cherry, and canary yellow. A royal blue border anchors the piece within the frame. The work is constructed of several pieces of wood panel, giving it a slightly uneven, handmade quality, and is complimented by a thin light wood frame. A wire is fastened across the back of the piece for instant, professional-quality hanging.

Carrie Haddad has been exhibiting Mr. O'Shea's work in the gallery for more than 15 years. A true master of mediums, this artist works in oil, gouache, fresco secco, acrylic and collage.

About the artist:
O'Shea's compositions of layered colors and shapes, seeming architectural and yet organic, are inspired by experiences near his studio on the Hudson River. The artist's interest in the energy surrounding nature's changing of seasons is clear as each color and shape come to represent a particular time of day or year. O’Shea finds revelation in observing the world while it’s deep in hibernation during the winter months. With foliage shed from the trees, therein lies nature’s defining qualities – branches that are finely etched against blue and gray winter skies, animals that are exposed to the elements, their tracks in the snow leaving proof of scurried movements. These characteristics of the land can only truly be known when it is cold and summer’s distractions are put to rest.

Signature: Verso

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