Jamie Diamond, ‘Amy by Susan Gibbs of Pudditat Reborn Nursery’, 2014, Mana Contemporary

About Jamie Diamond

Jamie Diamond’s photographs explore the role of performance and artificiality within the ostensible realism of her medium. Inspired by the staged, narrative photography of the Pictures Generation, Diamond reconstructs her personal past using memory, desire, and fantasy, rather than tangible mementos, as her guides. Like Cindy Sherman, she has assumed character roles and served as the subject of her own work, and, like Laurie Simmons, she has photographed dolls. Diamond’s photographs of strangers in the style of family portraits ask viewers to question their assumptions about both authenticity and intimacy. Her best-known photographs reflect her work in the Reborner subculture—a community of outsider artists and collectors who create and care for hyper-realistic dolls. Diamond has sculpted such dolls using vinyl, glass, heat, paint, and hair, taking portraits of them before putting them up for “adoption.”

American, b. 1983