Jamie Shovlin, ‘Redaction Variations (The Tehran Times) - THE MUTILATIONS VOID THE FILE’, 2014, Ingleby Gallery

From a series of 50 unique works

About Jamie Shovlin

Jamie Shovlin is known for ambitious projects that explore ideas of truth and fiction and combine his skill as a draughtsman, printmaker, painter, and writer with conceptual complexity and playfulness. In Naomi V. Jelish (2001–04), Shovlin constructed an extensive archive of drawings, newspaper clippings, and ephemera relating to a fictitious 13-year-old prodigy who mysteriously disappeared with her family. Lustfaust: A Folk Anthology 1976–1981 (2003–06) documents the groupies and memorabilia of a made-up 1970s German experimental noise band. Painstakingly researched and executed, Shovlin's work questions how information becomes authoritative and exposes the fallibility of classification systems.

British, b. 1978

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