Jana Nicole, ‘A-Z of Games’, 2015, Flat Space Art

JanaNicole has exhibited extensively. She has shown in some of the most prestigious locations including most recently with Saatchi. JanaNicole’s A to Z” presents an irresistible series of multi-layered, candy-coloured, mixed media works which tackle an eclectic array of topics with an eerie sense of equality; categorising diverse subjects including obscenities, shoes, mysticism and breakfast cereals. The subtle detail contained within each piece is perfectly illustrated by JanaNicole’s “A to Z of No” – a collection of found and remembered signage which covers decades of social, societal and cultural changes; reminding us of positive changes (as certain signs have now thankfully become defunct) and providing fresh insight into the aggressive nature of such signage; which begin with a stern statement about what is not acceptable. Feelings of nostalgia run through her games collection, the A-Z of Childhood, bringing back memories of family arguments, rainy day fun and sibling rivalry. Hear the clack clack Mousetrap cage feel the punch of the plastic dome in Lido. Is this indeed the Game of Life? Her works pop, they are punchy and inspiring! They are collectable. Invest in art, art is for life!