Jana Nicole, ‘IN THE NIGHT GARDEN, Limited Edition of 10. Hand embellished with Color Pencil’, 2017, Flat Space Art

JanaNicole’s creativity has been a huge part of her life from childhood. Since settling in East Sussex she has spent years building a successful and happy career as a commercial painter. JanaNicole’s focus in recent years on her mixed media Fine Art practice has been quite rightly well received, enjoying exhibitions in London, the South of England and shows in her childhood home of Palm Springs. Limited edition print on Somerset paper with Deckle edging and hand embellishment (liquid glass and coloured pencil). Grey monkey, amazon green lush vegetation, orange and teal blue butterflies, plummet red flowers. Jana Nicole is a phenomenal artist, she recently collaborated with David turk and Damian Hirst. Invest in Art, Art is for Life! A1 Size