Jana Nicole, ‘THE HAT TRICK, Original, Mixed Media on Wood, Historical look, Contemporary take’, 2015, Flat Space Art

Jana Nicole's works are often memories in mixed media, up cycling nostalgic materials and iconic images to fuse them with architectural salvage and abstract backdrops, often evoking a myriad of emotions from the spiritual to the comical, the classically familiar to the downright bizarre.

A collage made up of original vintage play bills from Brighton Theatre Royal, THE HAT TRICK depicts bright crisp pillar box and crimson reds featuring white nude women adorned with a gold star. A woman with auburn curly hair dressed in black top and tails, a white shirt with bow takes centre stage as the main point of focus, where in the background various cream coloured notices of varying sizes list the different productions with the centre one entitled The Hat Trick.

Somerset print with Deckle edging and hand embellished.

Limited Edition.